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    Shirko Mozako


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    Shirko Mozako

    Post  Silver_neko11 on Sat Jun 22, 2013 6:00 pm

    name:Shirko Mozako

    age:(1,425) looks to be 26

    Gender: Male


    Weight: 151lbs

    race:human/demon/angel/vampire/soul reaper/guardian/sayian/timelord

    looks:Has long brown dark hair that's from his mother's side of the family but it's braided with red string. He sometimes wears a fighting dojo shirt and pants, black shoes that matches. Or it could be a torn shirt that's white and black jeans, a bit of muscles from heavy training(Special training). Even wearing a all back with black bandana that is for only style or hiding some of his demonic seals on him.

    Personality:Shirko has always kept his cool when it comes to different things regardless of the situations. He still shows a very kind or gentlemen type of side to anyone but mostly to females. Open minded to people that's willing to hear him out. The most he shows his love to is Suki that's his girlfriend. Tough when he needs to be or very bossy if someone is bugging him or if someone is messing with him or anyone he knows. He's really shy around others but most when it comes to his mother. Also very brave and very forgiving.

    Sometimes he's very stubborn towards others and most difficult that Suki needs to deal with him only. Usually Suki sees that side of him but no one else to where he could be unchanging. Sometimes he's careless without thinking straight, Delicate towards his emotions of his family history, Devious. When his spirit is down, he shows to be false, foolish, and impatient.


    ~Demonic powers~

    Appearance:Tight leather like pants but wears a muscle shirt(If possible), He sometimes wears darker red pants that has small kunai bladed belt around his waist. No shoes either in this form.

    *Raging dark energy:Uncontrollable darkness powers that makes him a tough fighter

    *Dragon demonic flames:summoning up flames that can burn through anything just like when using magma

    *Summoning: Summons anything that is used in his blood

    *transformation: When he transforms, he changes into a demonic dragon with black scales for skin, claws, redder demon eyes in slits. gets horns but he tries to hide them.

    *Unknown magic: Magic that his teacher taught him years ago as a teen

    ~Angle powers~
    Appearance of this form: His hair changes to a lighter brown but wears all white with sky blue eyes.  a angel wings like tattoo is on his right shoulder. His clothes sometimes are roman clothes or just normal clothes.

    *Goodness in the light:Charges up energy to release a wave of light destroying enemies that hate it

    *lightning halo:*makes bolts of lightning that he can control

    *Flying: Able to fly using his angel wings

    *Lighter magic: From being a angel, he knows alot of spells thanks to teacher

    *Invincible: not getting hurt easily, faster agility, heals quicker than many

    Appearance: Hair changes to red but his eyes are dark blood red that makes alot of vampires feel his unknown power. He has a vampire like mark on his left shoulder.

    *Blood drain:Taking blood from someone just by cutting them and absorbing

    *Blood rain: Making his own blood become a weapon

    *control:Able to control someone using a controlling spell

    *Invincible: *same like from angel powers but it's alot more dangerous when he loses it*

    ~Soul reaper~
    ~Appearance:Wears a black kimodo that shows off his chest sometimes but wears bandages around his chest, legs, arms, even his neck. His Zanpato is strapped on his back but he just carries it. Wears straw like sandel shoes and socks. Bandana around his head.

    *Spirital pressure:Using this to fight or send out energy beams

    *Shikai: Namo
    *Hallow transformation


    Appearance:*Unknown*(no one seen it and he's still training on it but when used, he would be wearing special robes bear foot that his eyes are in the darker brown color. Holds a powerful scythe from this.)

    *All powers depends on him.


    ~Appearance:Wears all black and white like fighting kendo clothes, bandages on his wrists. He wears white fighting shoes and a sash tied around his waist. Even has the symbol in Chinese that says "Freedom" on the back.

    *Ki beam:Shoots out a powerful beam from his hands

    *Super sayian forms 1,2, and 3

    *Energy balls:Fires multi counts of these at other fighter

    *Final flash:*Move taught to him from last teachers

    *47 bomb shot: Firing multiple bombs that can change color from it's level of power


    ~Appearance:*same as human self looking*

    *powers:a time sense able to make the perfect timing when navigating obstacles. in tune with the universe to feel its ebb and flow. and a knowledge of time and space. also able to see how time is in flux and can be changed or fixed meaning changing it would make a paradox. a knack for technology and making something form almost nothing. and can carry time itself in his pocket. and to control all bodily functions. when struck down and killed can regenerate changing his face and appearance. however can only do that 13 times. and due to the mixed blood will revert back to his original form.

    Strength: Planning/strategist, Demon and timelord abilities are his strongest powers, being able to high strong senses but willing to balance.

    Weakness: His other powers are powerful but they still are lacking needed energy for him to fight, He sometimes can't stand way too loud noises because it makes his ears bleed pretty bad. He can't stand garlic and the sun can sometimes make him sick from staying out for too long. His soul reaper powers are strong but can only be at the strongest point in the spirit realm.

    bio:Shirko is one of the many children that has a very special birthright or a special family. He has parents that did amazing things when he was a baby and still does. Even in their after life. He's been going around the world, seeking the best teachers to help him get stronger and to one day fight for someone he might love forever. True, he's been through alot over the years but this time, he is ready.

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    Re: Shirko Mozako

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    ~Seeing my own garden blooming to show the roses and flowers that show their colors. Some are big, some are small but it's just a precious from each little petal.~

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