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    Name: In English, he calls himself: Anonoymous, or in the case of having a trusted friend: John.

    Date Of Birth: One-Hundred Thousand years before the beginning of time. (incomprehensible)

    Age: Incomprehensible.

    Occupation: Safe-Guarding The Universe, Heaven And Hell.

    Race: Xaian (Xaia)

    Looks: The Xaia are beings that are formed out of the essence of the universe, they are dark essence, light essence all of that.

    They have no facial features.

    John chooses to wear black robes with white symbols and patterns sewn along the bottom end of the robes.

    As well as a hood with the same pattern and colour. (Note that inside the hood he has made eyes, these eyes glow white.)

    He has legs but they are pure black and without proper shape, they disappear when he flies.

    Power Form: In this form he chooses to take the appearance of an archangel.

    Personality: He is very quiet and never speaks unless absolutely necessary, and when he does speak (To humanoids) he speaks very slow and in a voice that would pop the ears of regular humans. (Imagine the Nazgul from LOTR imagine their screeching voice amplified by Three-Hundred Billion)

    Powers: Only a few people throughout the span of time have seen him use his terrifying power.

    Why? cause he will only use this power against threats to the universe.

    His powers are generally unknown.

    Brief History: John is the most powerful and last remaining Xaia, doomed to wander around the universe for all time.

    He has just arrived on earth and people have been running around telling their friends the news.

    They are doing this because he only comes once every Two-Hundred years.

    He is in the desert.

    He is one of, if not the most powerful, beings in the universe.

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