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    Shin Hojo

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    Name - Shin Hojo

    Age - 150,000,000

    Looks - He is average size.

    He has Jet Black hair and Scarlet Red eyes.

    He's Semi-Muscular.

    Wears a tanktop, over that a trench coat.

    Casual Pants and an amulet called "The White Shine" it has a black chain and a white crystal.

    Personality - He is kind of strange at times, he has an obsession with Dangling Objects, Buttons, Apples and Knives, So he could be classified as 'Insane'.

    He did push a person off a bridge that was overseeing traffic cause he "Wanted to see him eat a car." this, in turn got him chased out of town.

    He has "Accidentally" stolen things before.

    Overall he is a kind person, thoughtful, forgiving and innocent.

    he never really understood 'The Law'.

    When angry he won't act it but he will have a constantly growing dark aura that sends shivers down peoples spines.

    This can be sensed and can be fixed by giving him a shiny red apple.

    When sitting on a chair he will sit in the fetal position. (legs and knees near upper body, hands hugging legs + head on knees.)

    He has in the past, shown insane amounts of power that even bypassed Brandon's amount of power however, he has not used it for any cause.

    He is neutral, if some idiot attacked him while eating an apple he would look at them and he/she would fly away.


    Darkness Powers - He can summon Darkness from his finger tips that he can do almost anything with from grabbing food to impaling enemies. He can also summon Shadow Demons to suck the life out of his enemies and bring it to him.

    Light Powers - Summon Light to grab things and heal people, basically the friendly version of Darkness Powers.

    Pyromancing - He takes Pyromancing to a whole new level, he can instantly light up almost anything from camp fires to cities.

    Basically the definition of "Immortal" with some extra things thrown in.

    He has more power than Brandon but has never put it to good use. (He is neutral)

    Hollowfication - he can transform into a hollow with a very long tail, he gains a black mane around his neck and a sword longer than his entire body (Standing up).


    Weaknesses - he can be distracted by the objects he is obsessed with.

    Brief History - This 'Man' 's history is unknown, however it is known that he has been driven insane by years of life.

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