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    Cave Of The Demon.

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    Cave Of The Demon.

    Post  Shin Hojo on Tue Jan 17, 2012 8:40 pm

    Dākurīpā had been given a job to kill a water demon that was destroying fishing boats from a near by village, this demon lived in a cave guarded by Demon Shadows.

    Dākurīpā examined the cave before making the lantern's matter come out of his arm and materialize.


    He was disappointed.

    He lit the lantern with a holy flame and walked into the cave, the holy lantern fending off all the shadows.

    Dākurīpā heard an echo before pulling out Ebony & Ivory.

    "Come out."

    A Cat Boy walks out of the shadows.

    Dākurīpā lowers his weapons before sighing.

    "What the hell are you doing here, Katsu?"

    Katsu jumps at Dākurīpā before shouting:

    "You didn't mess up my name this time-nya!

    Dākurīpā falls over as he is jumped on.

    "I messed it up before?"


    "Could you get off of me now?"

    He asked nicely, but Katsu refused to get off.


    Dākurīpā pushes him off.

    "Explain to me: why you were destroying fishing boats?"

    Katsu puts his head down before answering.

    "It should be obvious, i'm a cat demon-nya."

    "Cats like fish-nya."

    Dākurīpā sighs.

    "Just come with me to the village and apologize."


    After a short walk they are at the village and Katsu is apologizing.

    "Now come with me to the shop, i have tons of fish there for you to eat..."

    After a few hours walk they are in the shop.

    Dākurīpā comes out of the backroom with a fish, he tosses it to Katsu.

    "Eat up, Cat."

    Katsu starts eating the fish before stopping with half of it in his mouth.

    "Sooooooo goooooood-nya!"

    His pupils are replaced with stars.

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