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    Dākurīpā's Weapons.

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    Dākurīpā's Weapons.

    Post  Shin Hojo on Thu Dec 29, 2011 5:27 am

    Blade Name - Jun (Pure)
    Awakened Pure Blade Name - Junsui suu~ifuto no tenshi (Pure, Swift Angel.)


    "What a demonic looking sword!, are you sure it is a pure blade?"

    Dākurīpā's Words After His First Time Seeing The Sword...

    Despite it looking Demonic it is actually a very pure sword.

    This blade was forged by an unknown being, Dākurīpā's master simply says that it was given to him by a "Silent" man.

    Image -

    Abilities- This is the blade that will someday awaken when Dākurīpā is stabbed with it.

    Other than that, no major abilities other than extreme damage.
    Claw/Arm Name - At the moment Dākurīpā's name for it is: Noroi (Curse)

    Description/Appearance - At the moment Dākurīpā's arm is white inside and totally black outside, the image only shows it's awakened state.

    Unawakened- its the same as awakened, just that there is a change of color,
    All blue parts are white and all orange/brown parts are black.

    Awakened -


    Block - It can block anything, it is truly unbreakable.

    So Brandon's sword wouldn't affect Dākurīpā if it cut his arm.

    He can bend most materials with it, even hellforged, cause even though it is unbreakable, it can't be unbendable.

    This also carries most of his items, the arm absorbs them if Dākurīpā wishes it, but after they are absorbed they can be called out, so it is like a small bag that can carry way more than it's size inside it.

    His arm also doubles as a claw, so he can scratch the hell out of people as well as make humans violently ill (if it scratches and stays there for a moment it will inject poison.)

    (OH YAH btw Dākurīpā's devil arm extends to his right shoulder, so he usually covers it up with the sleeve of the trench coat and a glove, he is very conscious of it and covers it up cause most people would point and say "AHHHHH DEMON!! BURN IT WITH FIRE!!!"

    Demonic Energy Infused Dual Pistols - Ebony & Ivory

    Abilities - The pistols are super modified, they have an unlimited magazine of demonic rounds and Dākurīpā can fire as fast as he can pull the trigger.

    Appearances -

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