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    Sujin Chōnan/Dākurīpā

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    Sujin Chōnan/Dākurīpā

    Post  Shin Hojo on Wed Dec 28, 2011 8:04 am

    Basic Info

    Name - Sujin Chōnan/Dākurīpā (If you don't want to type the letters like that for Dākurīpā just type in "Dark"

    Nicknames - Dark Reaper, close friends call him Sujin

    Date Of Birth - January 16

    Age- 22

    Occupation - Hitman/Demon Hunter/Explorer

    Race - ... (Same as Vesu but different: The Vampire Race And Hollow Race were Most Prominent.)

    (BTW hollow promination makes him a little more pale and have white hair as well as yellow tints in both of his heterochromic eyes)
    Physical Description

    Hair - His hair is naturally white and long, but he is eventually going to cut it. (he wants to but he has never brought himself to do it.)

    Face -

    Eyes - Both of his are shaped normally.

    He has Heterochromia. (Different colored eyes.)

    His right eye is silver/white with black marks around the pupil.

    His left eye is red surrounded by a black spiral.

    Mouth - He has Vampire fangs but they have dark lines (lines on glass before it shatters, not really going to shatter though.) on them.

    Upper Body- Semi-Muscular.

    Two large scars on his back (he was born with it.) that cross eachother.

    Clothing - Despite having pale skin and white hair, he wears a black trench coat, black gloves, black pants, black boots, and a shirt and vest under the trench coat. (Shirt is black, Vest is red)

    Jewelry - He wears a Amulet around his neck, he also wears three rings. (The amulet is one of keys to open a portal to the demon world, it was given to him by his mother, the other part of the amulet is with his brother.)

    First ring is his family ring. It is black with gold lining and a red crest on the base of it. (HE NEVER TAKES THIS OFF)

    Second ring is his Holy ring, it collects the souls of dark entities around it and wards off Demons.

    Third ring is the family ring he took from one of Dracula's bloodline descendants.

    Hollowfication - Hole in the chest, crossed lines from the hole , white mane around the neck, on the mask the right eye is glowing silver/white while the left is glowing red,(it traces red, not the other one though.) and his skin turns completely white.

    Hollow Mask -

    the mask itself is black, the lines are white. (inverted colors)

    Personality - He is kind, but he has never actually smiled or laughed (how would you act if you had no family, noone to look up to?), in his own way he is very giving and very nice to anyone he meets, (except people he can sense have evil intentions), as far as anyone knows he has never shed a tear.

    he does crack jokes and make fun of enemies though.

    Besides being young he is about as strong as Brandon, problem is he has trouble controlling his powers, he could flick someone in the nose and send them flying to the moon, so most people who view his aura find it "Unstable"

    he can fire white electricity out of his hands, and punch hard enough to destroy a building easily he can partially control his speed, he can move faster than Brandon but he will eventually lose control and go flying into a wall if he prolongs it. (staying in that state for 10 minutes)

    He needs blood atleast every two weeks, having the vampire race the first most prominent in him, he doesn't like taking the blood from humans he has even starved himself more than 20 times.

    he can go into hollow form, he can fire a white cero

    White Cero
    is basically a huge ball of holy/unholy energy and electricity.

    it is powerful enough to stand and win against Brandon's Cero but it is super hard to control even in his hollow form, it could explode in his hand as he charges it, damaging him and others in proximity.

    He can maintain a Vampiric Demon/Angel transformation for about 2 hours.

    this alters almost all of his strength, making him super strong as well as super unstable.

    on the right side of his back he has a pure white wing.

    on the left, a pure black wing.

    This is as much as i want to reveal at the moment.

    History - A 3 year old boy was saved a few miles from a church with a ring of gold, he was raised normally, even though raised in a church he was never really that religious.

    at the age of 19 he left, for the next few years he was trying to start a business in the city, this business was about dealing with "Paranormal Activity" referring to demons

    Most people knew this.....

    But what they didn't and won't ever know is this,

    When fighting demons, he was cut in the right arm, it healed up quickly, but soon a sort of demonic... "Cast" started to grow around it, he knew that it would take everything from him if he left it, he left to go get special medical attention from a friend in a small town he knew, when he got there his so called "friend" refused him and called him a "demon", he didn't want to end this meeting that way, but his "Friend" brought it outside, soon the entire town was chasing him.

    (the arm would take everything from him as in: it would ruin his business. (the church would come after him and deny him any contracts, meaning he would eventually go bankrupt and his career would collapse.)

    When they finally caught him, he was weak cause of the arm transformation, they tortured and beat him within an inch of his life, and starved him of any blood and blood simulators.

    A single woman showed some sympathy, Dākurīpā was shocked that anyone could show any sympathy for something like him...

    She gave him blood, her blood to be specific, that is what kept him alive for the two months he was stuck there.

    He grew, both physically and emotionally attached.

    She was caught giving him blood on the sixth day of the final week, and then...

    She was shot and killed for "Being a heretic against god".

    In a rage, he broke his chains and massacred the entire town.

    After coming out of his rage, he was disgusted with himself for doing it, he said to himself, "The blood is on my hands...."


    And a voice inside himself said, "Emotions."

    "Cast them away."

    He did cast away his emotions, but he has always had a feeling they may come back one day...

    He walked for miles, alone, no people around him, covered in blood...

    he finally got back to the city, he snuck back into his shop, from therein he started to wear that well known black trenchcoat.

    The town (The members of it that remained alive,assuming that he really was a demon) found alot of blood where he was kept, therefore assuming that he had died in a blood explosion. (Most demons die in an explosion of blood or fire)

    The town also told stories about "The demon who was captured" and normally, they would always laugh...

    (Second theme refers to the story above, also when the guy singing says "He spoke of tortured souls, so outrageous the toll...", he is referring to a man he heard the story from who died the next day, no one knows why he paid this big of a toll.) (Probably Dākurīpā, not wanting people to know that he massacred an entire town.)

    (Note: This business is diagonal to Melli's store.)

    at the age of 22 he got a lead to where his old family might have lived.

    There was nothing....

    Anyways, right now he is in his shop trying to figure out what to name it.


    This took four hours, can you believe that? FOUR HOURS!!!


    i did my best here, hope you find him interesting.

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    Re: Sujin Chōnan/Dākurīpā

    Post  Shin Hojo on Wed Dec 28, 2011 1:41 pm

    Theme -

    Lyrics - Theme 2 = Below.

    He spoke of tortured souls

    So outrageous the toll
    You could lose all you have
    He refused to give in to the town that takes all
    You must have the will.
    This movie doesn't end the way we want all the time,
    Then he shouts at the moon,
    "She's gone!"
    And fear has overcome
    He was walking the mile
    He was walking alone (2x)

    Four and twenty dead birds
    They bleed upon the nest
    There was no time for reason
    They had no sign of the threat
    Now it's too late, too late for me
    This town will eventually take me
    Too late, too late for me
    This town will win

    Through this fog there came along dark creatures singing a terrible song.
    The rest of the bar laughed at him.
    Only I felt my hope grow dim.
    They found him dead the very next day.
    "No more stories from him", I heard them say.
    We blamed bad luck for his fate.
    Only I felt terror so great.

    She and he will know,
    that someday all things will end
    That misty night
    That dismal moon
    The dead search for their kin
    While angels sleep
    In endless dark
    The {dead} seek out sin.

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