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    Vesuvius' Weapons, Armor And Clothing.

    Shin Hojo

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    Vesuvius' Weapons, Armor And Clothing.

    Post  Shin Hojo on Thu Nov 03, 2011 11:10 pm

    First, Weapons.

    WEAPONS!?!? I Don't need weapons.

    I Do keep a Katana with me though.

    Main - Fists

    Description - Since he finds weapons utterly useless, he uses his fists.


    Note that he uses a special type of magic with these punches that renders most forms of healing in the area hit useless for a short period of time (5 minutes).

    Grappling - Since he knows every martial art known to man and the gods, and thanks to his immense strength he can easily restrain the toughest of foes.

    Punching - His punches are powerful enough to break hell forge material (which is thought to be unbreakable) and he can punch hard enough to destroy a being and reduce him to nothing but guts and blood.

    Slashing - He can slash through any material by doing "Karate Chops" using his hands, he has been known to use this technique more than punching since punching is more of a brute tactic.

    he is able to decapitate, dismember, and mutilate with this ability too.

    Impaling Hand Stab - He often uses this as a finishing move, he takes his right arm and shapes his hand into a spear like shape, enabling him to impale beings by hitting them straight through the chest.


    Secondary - Ryūketsu no bara (Blood Rose)

    Description - Just An ordinary hell forged katana no enhancements or abilities, only to use in situations where his friend is about to die (toss it to friend).

    Looks -



    This counts as a weapon.

    He Rarely Uses Magic (he has made a point to not use magic, way too destructive.)

    Dark Blast - Simple name, he ran out of names for his abilities.

    this is one of his weakest abilities, one of these tiny black spheres can travel up to 20,000 Miles an hour and have the power to destroy 2 galaxies.

    Far Impale - he points his finger at a certain person and shoots a sharp spear of red/black energy out of it this can pierce hell forge material.

    The others are simply there to destroy the universe.


    Now, Armor.

    Vesuvius Rarely Wears Armor, It Is Too Noisy And Unclean.

    Dark Templar Armor.

    Description - This armor is made out of a rare material it is more hefty (heavier) than hell forged and it can withstand nukes, not very special.




    Vesuvius Loves Clothing, Especially Clothing From Hell

    Normal Clothing

    First off he wears black pants, then above that he wears a red casual shirt then he wears a black tie, and over those he wears a black tailcoat.

    Butler Clothing

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