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    World Eater's (aka Akrieheshakanere ) Weapons.

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    World Eater's (aka Akrieheshakanere ) Weapons.

    Post  Shin Hojo on Wed Jun 15, 2011 10:14 pm

    Main - Retribution Sherazima

    Appearance -

    Powers - Can Cut Through Anything, Can Destroy Other Weapons Easily, Can Open The Gates Of Hell And The Void, It Cannot Be Picked Up By Any Other Than The World Eater (if you try to pick it up it will be REALLY HEAVY)

    Secondary - Magic (huuray!!!)


    Void Storm - Summons A Storm From The Void Which Heavily Smites Enemys And Has A Area Of Effect. (50 metres)

    Void Beams (and balls) - Beams And Spheres That Can Be Thrown To Do HEAVY HEAVY Damage.

    Last - Specials

    World Consume - Can Consume An Entire World And Destroy Many Things.(also gives more power)

    Void Destroyer - Fires A Sphere That Can Destroy Entire Cities (about the size of vegetas big bang attack and fired the same way)

    Void Concentrated Destroyer - Fires A Beam That Can Destroy Over Three Cities At Once. (kamehameha)

    Void Super Destroyer - A Gigantic Sphere That Can Destroy More Than 900 Cities At Once. (death ball)

    Ultimate Attack - A Attack That Can Destroy Hundreds Of Worlds In A Flick Of A Finger ( AKA the chuck norris killer refraining from using )

    All Of These Are Black Attacks

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