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    Ryan Maboroshi


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    Ryan Maboroshi

    Post  Silver_neko11 on Sat May 27, 2017 2:08 pm

    Name:Ryan Maboroshi

    Age:7 months old(Timeskip:16)


    Height: 5'7"

    Weight: 133lbs


    Looks:He has light brown curly hair but looks just like Brandon He seems to have his mother's facial features and smile but has Brandon's light green eyes. He wears most things but his favorite thing to wear is his lab coat with the neck scarf that Suki gave him for his 10th birthday.

    Personality:Ryan is very active when it comes to building things he enjoys since his room is a little lab. Others don't see him doing other things unless he's telling them about a new invention he built or something for his siblings. Accessible towards things from multi tasking during his times at home and at school. His mind is very brilliant for new things he can build and show his father. He's Creative, curious, fair, playful, and rather cute. He's heart shows him being Gentle nature and always focused.

    He tends to be very busy that others don't get him all the time that he's invisible. He even becomes reserved of himself that only Brandon can get him out of his room/lab. He is proud of his family and the knowledge his father knows. When others don't understand things to what he does he becomes angry, Clumsy, cowardly but only when others don't understand things. Can become easily discouraged when others make fun of him but he tries to ignore it.


    Strength: Intelligence of knowledge and wisdom, can create and make things using robotic technology, High IQ of 500. Multi task, average stamina and energy

    Weaknesses: Can't really fight with his own strength so doesn't train like most of his siblings. He does try to train using something easy to help him. tends to lose focus and go into his own subspace (A thought bubble of a world only he can see)

    Brief History:Ryan is the third born son from Brandon and Melina but he's the only one that's human in the family. Even though his brothers and sisters have powers and rare races, he's the only human that didn't get any powers or any different race but got a high IQ of 500 or maybe more. Uses this to help him build things like a scientist so that way he can help his family in other ways than one.

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