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    Vince charles Maboroshi


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    Vince charles Maboroshi

    Post  Silver_neko11 on Sat May 27, 2017 2:08 pm

    Name:Vince charles Maboroshi

    Age:8 (Timeskip:17)



    Weight: 148lbs


    Looks:He looks just like his father when he was born but after a while has darker hazel brown hair and eyes. he wears torn clothes for his own reasons but he'll listen to his mother more than his father. Even if he has darker Hazel brown color eyes they become red from his ghoul genes. Wears black shoes but sometimes is barefoot. He also bears a pendant around his neck.

    Personality: Vince is always a quiet and calm type of boy but he still speaks toward his siblings and to his mother. Always to himself since he's somewhat comfortable being near others including his own father. Charming when it comes to any girl that thinks of him being cool but he's only going to show love to the one girl that will win his heart. Compassionate towards people he cares for and towards Melli. He is always hard working, Honorable, and loyal.

    Others call Vince very mysterious since he only speaks to his mother about his problems and not with his father. Shows a tough side to himself to stand up for his siblings. He's unchanging when others try to change him because he hates that sort of thing. Sarcastic when others being judgemental towards him because he doesn't care. Devious to Brandon because he didn't understand what Melli saw in a man like him but he just stays away from him at all times. Disobedient when being talked to but he'll listen to his parents. Very stingy but keeps his mom safe since he is a bit more closer to melli. Destructive when fighting but that tends to make him lose control that Suki helped him with.


    Hell's damnation: This was taught to him by an older teacher Brandon didn't know about. He's able to use powers from the underworld that is to aid him when needed or requested.

    Black fire: A very hot flame that's able to burn and kill something in a matter of minutes. Only Vince can put this fire out.

    Soul weaver: Able to steal souls to feed himself to get stronger but this also effects his ghoul side when hungry for food. His powers are a bit dangerous since he has been training a bit at his age to get in more close to his ghoul side.

    Incubus transformation: Able to become a incubus but he tends to keep this to himself since he will only feed off a girls essence. His eyes change from this and shows a long sharp tail that can slice through others.

    Ghoul Transformation: He can't change like some of his siblings but his arms are coated in black veins with sharp teeth, black skinned legs and arms that he can lower down like a animal ready to pounce on his prey. A tail is also seen but this can extend.

    Strength: Super human strength passed down from his father, intelligent sight, smell, and hearing. Can run super fast and jump high places.

    Weaknesses: holy items weaken him but not kill him. His powers can sometimes back fire towards him when in use so he's learning to control that. He only will listen to his older siblings and Melli because he gets the urges to kill his father. Since his nose is very sensitive, he tries not to smell too much that might burn his nose.

    Brief History:Vince is the second son but he is a bit more closer to Melli instead of Brandon but he wouldn't show it. He does have the amulet to keep his ghoul side back but it just to watch over his mother as for his family too.

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