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    Evan Blaze and Mira bell Maboroshi


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    Evan Blaze and Mira bell Maboroshi

    Post  Silver_neko11 on Sat May 27, 2017 2:07 pm

    Name:Evan blaze and Mira bell Maboroshi

    Age:5/5(Timeskip:Both are 11)


    Height: Evan (5'2") Mira (5'2")

    Weight: Evan (121lbs) (Mira 123lbs)

    race:For both(human/demon/werewolf)

    Looks:Both are twins but they look like each other but Evan looks like Brandon and Mira looks like her mother but they both have the same eye emotion genes that change from their mood and even wears the same color clothes. Their hair is even the same color but different length as their parents since even changes as their eye colors.

    Personality:Evan is very Courageous and brave just like his father. However he also gotten his hardheaded stubbornness too. At times he's sometimes very gentle towards people and even to someone he might find for a girlfriend. He's very kind and always happy with his twin and others around him. He's mostly happy and not always in the bad mood. Even tries to keep a clear head from other situations from over doing it.

    He tends to be stubborn just like his mother, very soft around his family but only to a very few of friends that sees that side of him. He isn't very unaggressive but is very private with things he doesn't tell or show with his family. He tenses up when doing something wrong or upsetting someone, tasteless to things he tries not to follow because of it. Melli sees him being troublesome and single minded just like his father but she's not complaining.

    Mira is close to her twin brother but she's very shy like her mother. She's more alert with things unlike her twin brother but that's okay with him because she tends to try helping him get out of trouble. She tries to be more balanced with things in her life just like her mother does but it's rare with her father or that she's shy. Mira is cleaver with her ideas and more clean than him. She's giggly like her brother and very sweet. Tries to be brave like him and very forgiving.

    She's known to freewheeling because of her clear mind but that's another trait she got from both parents. Her other personality is somewhat neutral and proud. She tends to be very progressive with her ideas and games but others love her being self-conscious with herself. Nor negative traits, she's sometimes dull when looking angry or bored, faithless when others try to correct her when she's not right. Becomes grim and gloomy when her twin isn't around but that passes until he comes back.


    Both: Energy drain: Gaining and draining others energy when in a fight but this can be passed along themselves. However it burns more quicker than their own.

    Demon magic: Can use magic of the demons but Evan's energy is red while Mira's is purple. They get little tails with wings but they can keep their human forms when doing so.

    Werewolf transformation: Can become werewolves during a full moon but their abilities and strength changes during this time. However, the aftermath leaves pain towards them both so they can't move for a while.


    Healing: It's not as strong as Mira's own healing but he tends to give it his best shot.

    Earth manipulation: Controlling and using Earth to help him aid in battle. He usually is used to the elements just like his father which is why Brandon trains him with things.

    Lazar beam eyes: Can shoot hot energy from his eyes but the heat is up to 500 degrees or higher. However that isn't a problem towards him.

    Energy bomb: Creating a wave of energy that can become balls to explode or implode. Brandon had to teach him to take it easy with this.


    Healing: Can heal better than her twin brother but is showing him to help.

    Lightning manipulation: She can use lightning to fight or aid in battle which can become fire from how hot it was.

    Shield energy barriers: Making barriers to help and protect others around her. These can be used to form other things and balls that helps her float around in the air for a few minutes. uses the same powers as their parents but you can see them working together because of that.

    Controlling heat and cold temperatures: Being able to change and adjust the temperature from hot to cold.

    Strength: Evan has longer stamina than his sister, strong sense of sight, his powers can become weaker as the hours pass from using one too many times. While Mira has longer agility when it comes to fighting but only when needed. She's able to flex herself to longer jumps and movement but her hearing is better.

    Weaknesses:Evan can't flex his body for longer jumps and his energy tends to get weak when they switch energy signals. and Mira can't stand the smell of blood because it acts up her werewolf form to become blood hungry. She hates strong smells because it burns her nose to where she can't track others.

    Brief History:Evan and Mira are the twins to the parents but they are very special in their way. For example, even and Mira share the same genes and powers that it as if they were rare. One thing about them is being werewolves and since they grow afraid of hurting their family or one another, that's another thing they will have to work with.

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