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    Elaina Maboroshi


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    Elaina Maboroshi

    Post  Silver_neko11 on Sat May 27, 2017 2:06 pm

    Name:Elaina Maboroshi

    Age:4 (Timeskip:12)





    Looks:She looks just like her father with same facial features, Brandon's hair color but it's long that goes down to her back. However, she has her mother's nose and ears. Her eyes are just like Brandon's too but their green with the ability to change blue depending on her moods. (Green: Normal) (Blue: Happy) (pink:sad) (Darker green: Angry/inraged) (pale blue: Lost/empty). She wears black shorts with a cute bear necklace her mother gave her, even a pendant that was made for her since Melli didn't tell her about the other side of her being a ghoul just yet.

    Personality:Elaina is a very shy and sweet young girl but she got this from both of her parents. She's very helpful to her family and friends but tries her best to help anyway she can. Also seen being happy but a very brave girl just for Brandon when she helps him with some things. She's very athletic, flexible, gentle, and Honest.

    Whenever she gets times, Hana tries to keep herself busy so she'll know more things while growing up. Sometimes she's a little more boyish due to not liking many things like other girls do like training with her father or liking guy things. She's very Earthy with the world and her inner self but even proud of her bloodline. However, she tends to show some other parts she's not proud of. Sometimes she's mistaken for other things or with herself, Odd to herself and others because of her ghoul blood she was given. Sadistic when losing herself to being hungry for humans but Brandon is working to help her through that problem. Very strong-willed and sometimes weak-willed.


    Ghoul powers/transformation: When Elaina is feeling her ghoul self appearing, her right arm changes with black spots that becomes another layer of skin. Sharp claws and red veins forming from her hand up to the shoulder. Her eyes change as well with them looking pale or lifeless. She has some dark mist surrounding her but her hair looks more wilder. She gets the following added abilities:

    *Super human strength
    *Black magic
    *Shadow manipulation that hardens to become limbs that changes form
    *Toxic flames
    *Able to heal by feeding on humans or their blood

    Healing: Taught to her by Suki but hers is not as strong so it can't really heal more serious woulds but maybe small to medium wounds that's outside the skin.

    Water: She can control and use water that aids her in battle but Elaina isn't as strong yet. It takes time for her to become one with the water that was done after two years of training.

    Wind: She can use wind but is still practicing this as well.

    Strength: Gymnastics to move quickly during her hand-to-hand combat training, Flexibility, strong hearing so in case others are near she can hear them. Strong sense of smell that helps locate something or someone that's far away. She can climb really well like a expert or close to it.

    Weaknesses:Elaina is very scared of her own shadow because she thinks it's trying to eat her or her soul. She can't taste things very well due to being a ghoul but it's nothing too serious. She can't jump very far unlike she can climb. She tends to lose herself too quickly due to her cannibalism self for human meat but this is being dealt with too.

    Brief History:Elaina is the thrid born of Melli and Brandon but during her birth, something caused her to change into a ghoul during that time. She was always afraid of herself and of what she was born as but now her father and mother helped seal it so she can maybe control it and maybe use it to help her during the time she has to train(when she is older).

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