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    Elisa Izzy Maboroshi


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    Elisa Izzy Maboroshi

    Post  Silver_neko11 on Sat May 27, 2017 2:05 pm

    Name:Elisa Izzy Maboroshi

    age:16 (Timeskip:23)


    Height: 5'8"

    Weight: 132lbs

    Birthday: July 20

    Race:50% human, 53% Vampire Demon

    Looks:Elisa has black hair that comes from her father which is down to her thighs with a white streak on the left. she has Hazel eyes that looked a little light but that shows another set which is a dark indigo. She had small ears and her mother's nose with a average normal female body but she is mostly training or studying with Suki. She wears jeans with a sweater or shirts with long skirts with black shorts.

    However, she's never being as girly so Elisa wears male clothes. She also has a hand knitted scarf given to her by Melina when she was 7. Same with a strong silver band bracelet Brandon made for her when she was 12 years old.

    Personality:Elisa tends to show herself being serious with things she needs to do but that won't stop her from helping other people. She has a sweet shy side to herself but that's never seen as much so others never seen it. Curious about the world she's in since she came into this world and wonders what else is hidden. She's just as adventurous as her siblings and Suki. Generous to become almost like a mother because of her taking care of others and animals.

    Some say Elisa is Obedient with others but only if it's to argue about something that might not be safe. Tends to be very quiet that she never talks to others unless they talk to her first. Sometimes even questioning about things that confuse her. To others, she's known for being aggressive when mad, colorless, Cruel, and difficult. She never is afraid to play dirty if someone is threatening others if possible. It makes Brandon and Melli wonder what she really is like.


    Void magic/powers: She's taught these to herself when she gotten older but over time that became her most strongest power than most. Void magic is know to be forbidden but it's not that dangerous if you know what your doing.

    Pyrokinesis/Telekinesis: She knows these two after some training with Melli since she saw her using fire and Telekinesis. Elisa's fire is a dark blue but it's tends to darker or lighten up when she wishes. As for the Telekinesis, that's still growing to a point where she can learn the more advanced moves for her.

    Healing: Elisa can heal using both mind and her hands but that tends to drain her rather quickly depending on the number of people that is around her.

    Fire Ice:This was taught to her by a unknown teacher that wishes for no one to know unless they were worthy. She knows the basic ways to form and make ice that she's able to use water as well.

    Strength: Smart to knowing much intelligent knowledge just like Suki does, Speed/agility when doing something or fighting. Lifts up to 200lbs thanks to her super strength passed down from her father. Stealth was taught to her by her mother. She's mostly skilled in her abilities but is willing to learn more.

    Weakness: Elisa tends to over use her powers when it comes to fighting or goes over board. Her powers sometimes backfires if she's not fully in control. Fire is the weakest towards the fire ice since it can become a little unstable than Suki's own fire. She most times gets air sickness so she never tries to fly because that will make her ill. Same with getting shocked with lightning because it shorts out her powers and body muscles due to the bolt.

    Bio history:Elisa is second eldest to Suki but she was usually sick during that time and was held in the hospital for a couple weeks. Brandon and Melli brought her home the next month but took notice towards her being able to use her powers at such a young age. She has the gift of Void powers by her teacher who has shown her a lot when she was a young child of 12. Now, she's a teacher who seeks a mate but also wants to learn about the same thing.

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