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    Suki rose maboroshi


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    Suki rose maboroshi

    Post  Silver_neko11 on Sat May 27, 2017 2:05 pm

    Name:Suki rose Maboroshi

    Age:21(Timeskip: 25)


    Height: 5'9"

    Weight: 130lbs

    Birthday: June 12


    Looks:She looks like her mother with dark brown hair with some light brown highlights. She got her father's eyes trait where they change color depending on her mood but that's rare to see. Her clothes she wears depends on her mood as well but she wears things even from her mom and dad. Suki is always training but keeps her female figure with baby fat in many places but she didn't mind it. One birthmark on her lower stomach and a healed scar on the back of her neck from a accident she got when she was younger.

    Personality:Hyper when it comes to sweets and a few snacks that's home made just like her mother. Active like her father since she loves, loves, loves to train but is always known for being serious and protective of her family, friends, allies, and boyfriend. Kind hearted, motherly, obsessive with cleaning and gaining facts. Which explains her having a heart of gold. heart of gold just like her mother but she even has hidden urges like her father.

    Sometimes, Suki tends to keep herself balanced, clear-headed, creative, challenging towards herself and things in her life. Shows a little cute side which was got from her mother, Mellow during her low down times or when she's by herself. She's even questionable with some unusual behaviors but that's during her upset times. When she's like that, she can become a little dark, rude, cold, crazy, devious.


    Ki energy punch: A energy ball that can split into three bigger ones. These can be controlled from a short and long distance.

    Teleport: This requires 50% of her energy to build to travel more further. However, she's training on this.

    Red Ki form x4: This is a move she taught herself during her training days as a teenager. Her Ki forms around her but changes color or darkens and her power changes depending on her form. (Normal red: level 1) (medium red: level 2) (dark red: level 3/might lose her sanity a little) (Reddish black: Level 4/most dangerous) She's been trying to expand this but that's a work in progress.

    Multi finger shot: She fires lazer beams from her finger tips that packs some punch but same with explosions.

    Nega Ki: This only happened once when she got angry for someone hurting her siblings. Her whole body bulks with muscles and negative energy that her power and speed increases 100x more dangerous than the Red ki form. Suki only uses this unless she needs to.

    Old modern magic: This was taught to her by some teachers her father knew and Melina herself. She's got a book so she can use magic circles just like her mother.

    Healing: Able to heal but also can be used against another for a negative effect

    Blood draining: Absorbing another persons blood through a cut or from the neck with a draining spell.

    Hypnosis and Illusion: Tricking another with these two and more dangerous when combined.

    Demon's hell fire: This was taught to her by Brandon but he already knew she was born with it. Her own natural color is a light green. This can be split and expand to being a offense and defense move.

    Summoning: Bringing demons and monsters to fight along side her. This is not used as much since she can fight but is training herself to make it work.

    Succubus form: Can change into this form after gaining dark negative energy or enough love that can make her stronger.

    Soul absorb: Eating and draining another person's essence by lips but also by her hands. Suki never liked using this because it makes her become hungry for more and finding others to drain dry. Brandon and Melli are still teaching her how to control this.

    Strength: Her speed is just like her fathers but almost to where she's close to beat him in a race or fight. Multi task is another things she's good at so she can either help her father, her siblings, her boyfriend or mother. Has intelligence with knowledge of what she knows so far. Is physically fit thanks to daily training and yoga. Is able to lead and plan with large groups of people or partner.

    Weaknesses: Suki is known for learning new things as a quick pace but she tends to over estimate herself and does way too much. That is why she tries to take it nice and slow but she's rather impatient doing that. Her speed is normal but not as normal to where she wants it. Has hard times controlling her anger which leads to her becoming a darker self which she hates being. Is not okay with snakes nor being kept in tight spaces for too long. Also tends to panic a little too much if things go wrong.

    Brief History:Suki is Melina and Brandon's very first born child. She is a rare breed and mix of her parents but she also has special powers just like them and might act as her parents since she gets the sudden blood urge as her father. She even fights like him with her side of being a sayian but she is doing her very best and both are very proud of her. She's been taught many things during her childhood but is willing to learn. That's why she has become a leader for the siblings to help them if needed and is dating her true love, Shirko.

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