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    Melina Shimaki


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    Melina Shimaki

    Post  Silver_neko11 on Sun Aug 02, 2015 12:37 am

    Name:Melina Shimaki

    Age:57998(Looks about 22)

    Race:Human/Vampire/Demon/Succubus/Soul reaper

    Looks:Long amber brown hair and rare indigo eyes. A short sleeved top or shirt with a rose design on it and pants with black bracelets on ankles, black shoes and silver silk on both wrists. A oval shaped hair piece that changes to black or white depending on what power she's using and a black collar around her neck. She wears a flat disk necklace with a rose out print in the middle, a yin/yang tattoo on her left shoulder with markings around it and two dragons around it and a weird demon tattoo on her lower left stomach.

    Personality:Very sweet and kind. She's Always trying to be more helpful to others that she sees in the distance while the same for just trying. Shes somewhat shy when around new faces but when you get to know her she's not that bad.

    *Light Oasis:Able to use light like attacks and energy.

    *Dark oasis:using dark like attacks and energy.

    *Element Circle: Summoning a magic circle in front of her or anywhere to shoot out any element she wishes to choose in that color. (air-light blue, water-blue, fire-red, earth-green)

    ~Soul reaper apperance
    ~The forbidden form

    -Succubus transformation: Dark black demon wings with a very long tail that's heart shaped tip at it's end with a small little bow tie that's black. Her eyes are Dark black but the pupils are Golden with red silts in the middle of it with dark markings on her arms and legs or really just all over. She's able to control others against their will and fight using her tail and to make dark like creatures from others shadows.

    ~Soul reaper and Hallow appearances~

    ~Soul reaper appearance: Black kimono with sandles but has silver shirt and socks, with long sleeves that shows her shoulders but they are long going down to her hands. Her hair is out but in two long braids that touches the floor with the left braid having a black bow tied on it and the right braid having a white bow tied on it and a silver rose hair clip in her hair as well. Even has a black collar around her neck with her zanpato sword hanging on her side.

    ~Bankai appearance~ Black and silver kimono that has one arm covered in a black sleeve but the other arm is bear since it's like a one sleeve. The bottom has a slit on the side showing her legs with a long bandage tied around her waist. Her hair is out and loose with bandages on her ankles and wrists with some marks on her arm and left leg.

    ~Combined form appearance:Melli's got one wing that is a angel wing and the other that's a demon wing. This makes her be able to use forbidden magic and powers that was sealed inside of her years ago. When adding more power, she shows her wings of six: 3 good angel wings and 3 bad demon wings, also wearing a silver almost see through Greece skirt that had silver pears around her waist, black and white gems around her ankles and wrists. She has a silver silk top and is bear foot. Even  her eyes were a new color of full moon white and hair really really long that was in the color of the moon.

    Brief History:Melli was mostly a very kind and shy child but with a sad like past involving the lost of her parents and being the only child born or curse with being a demon and a vampire in her family. Every since then, she's never had much friends except for her four pets. The only think she can remember of her family is of the items her mother and father has given her before they died. Now, she's trying to live her live in peace and happiness without being alone but still supporting her family and the 3 guardians of her family but the two main ones as well. As for other secrets in her past, she doesn't know of the other things that she's cursed with till later on in her life.

    ~Seeing my own garden blooming to show the roses and flowers that show their colors. Some are big, some are small but it's just a precious from each little petal.~

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