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    Energy and life energy

    Brandon Maboroshi
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    Energy and life energy

    Post  Brandon Maboroshi on Tue Jan 14, 2014 6:16 pm

    Basic: the ability to manipulate the energy of the character's body to form barriers enhance strength speed defense. sustained flight

    intermediate: the ability to effect another character's energy to combat infiltrate or restore. reading minds telekinesis and mental defense are common more subtle flight for stealth

    Advanced: using energy to build molocules out of atoms seemingly creating things that form the energy itself. healing, matter and energy transference, and fueling changes to the environment. open portals, feed technology energy and manipulating light for illusions.

    characters may start in intermediate or basic but advanced must require active training with someone who is advanced. jumps in training and prodigy events are active training. innate skills childhood memories and prodigy can advance training.

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